Slot symbols vary greatly in design, reels might be covered in numbers, gems, cats, leprechauns… but once you’ve played a few you’ll start to recognise patterns between symbols in slot games.

Poker symbols – 9 through to Ace. Most slot games will include symbols from popular card games. While some slot games make use of the whole pack, some will only use 10 through to Ace, or even just the royals. As you would expect, these are usually the lowest paying symbols on the reels.

Item symbols – If your slot game has a theme then you can expect to see a variety of themed symbols on the reels. For example, on a dog grooming parlour themed slot game you may find a golden bone, a diamond collar, a dog fur comb, a bow, a bottle of dog shampoo etc. In these cases it’s helpful to look at the pay-table as it is sometimes difficult to figure out which symbols pay out the most.

The logo symbol – A lot of slot games will have the game logo as a symbol. Usually this symbol represents something special and is often the highest paying symbol on the reels. Again, consulting the pay-table will give you an idea of which symbols you want to watch out for.

The symbols that you’ll see on the reels will have different functions. These include:

Wild symbols – A wild symbol will substitute for any other symbols found on the reels and can offer winning combinations in the right circumstances. In other words, if a normal symbol offers a non-specialised win (specialised wins being access to bonus features or scatter wins) then the wild symbol will most likely substitute for this symbol. If you find two matching symbols connected by a wild symbol on an active pay-line then you will have a winning combination. The wild symbol will also mimic the value of the symbol it replaces, so you’ll be receiving a regular win in an irregular way.

Scatter symbols – Scatter symbols are often independent symbols which can appear on any reel, although sometimes they will be restricted to only two or three reels. Getting the correct number of these symbols (often 2 or more) will result in a win, regardless of their position or whether they are on consecutive reels. For this reason, they are not often able to be substituted by wild symbols.

Bonus symbols – If a slot game has bonus symbols, they will typically take you to a bonus round. This might be a ‘click me’ game or take place on completely independent screen. See the bonus round section for more information. In some cases the scatter symbols will take you to a bonus round if there is no dedicated bonus symbol.

Standard symbols – Depending on the game you’ll need 3 or more standard symbols on consecutive reels or an active pay-line to win.

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