Most slot games will include some kind of bonus which will allow you to win larger sums of money. This can come in many forms; however there are common features which will turn up in most slot game’s bonuses.

‘Click Me’

This kind of bonus is fairly simple. You’ll be asked to click on one or more symbols, with each revealing either a sum of cash, free spins, a multiplier or the ‘collect’ symbol. This bonus will be different for each slot game, but there will be always be clear rules on how to proceed.

Free Spins

Some bonus rounds will yield a set amount of free spins. These will allow you to play the game as normal but without having to place a bet for a certain amount of turns. This is usually quite profitable for the player as they’re able to rack up winnings without having to actually bet any money. Your number of free spin wins is usually based on the bet you placed before you won the free spins. You can also ‘stack’ free spins by winning additional spins before reaching the end of your original tally.

Unique Bonus Rounds

As I’ve mentioned, every slot game is different and they’re likely to include different kind of bonus rounds and rewards. Bonus rounds could include free spins, multipliers; click me bonuses or even more inventive ways of making the player money. Every slot that has a bonus round will explain the rules to you as simply as possible, but if you’re still unsure, you can always check the slot game’s pay-table.

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