Serving Up For The 2015 Wimbledon Championships

30th June 2015

The third Grand Slam of the 2015 tennis season is officially underway at the All England Tennis Club near Wimbledon.  The tournament will play out between now and July 12th when two new champions will be crowned on the most prestigious grass tennis court in the world.

Expectations for quality tennis high but anticipation for significant upsets is also on the betting horizon.  Fans saw former French Open champion Maria Sharapova go down in the fourth round at Roland Garros this year, which reduced her position on the world standings from second to fourth.

Defending Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova is now the number two seed behind Serena Williams, who won both the French Open and the Australian Open this season.  Williams and Kvitova are on opposite ends of the opening brackets, meaning a potential showdown between the top two bets will not occur unless both stars reach the Finals.

The men’s side of the tournament has defending champion Novak Djokovic as the number one bet to win again.  His greatest challenge will likely lie among his closest rivals on the ATP Tour, namely Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

Federer and Murray are both playing in the bottom bracket, with realistic odds that they could meet in the semifinal round, presumably on the road to a finals clash with Djokovic for the championship.  All three men have won at Wimbledon in the past three years, and each finished as runner up in another of those three previous tournaments.  Naturally the top bets in 2015 lie with these three superstars.

The one change on the men’s tour was the withdrawal of eighth seeded David Ferrer.  According to reports, Ferrer suffered an elbow injury ahead of the tournament and was unable to compete to the best of his abilities for a Grand Slam title.  His withdrawal allows Luca Vanni to step into the main event opposite the UK’s James Ward in the first round.

Two singles competitions play out over 254 collective matches before a pair of stars is crowned champions of the grass tennis season.  Who are you betting on?

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