Sharapova turns a negative into a positive

24th April 2016

We’re all now fully up to speed with the Sharapova failed drugs test and the consequences that followed – so no need for us to re-hash through all of this.

Although what you may not have entirely picked up on is how the talented Russian has turned the public humiliation into something of a glamour party.

The tennis circuits throughout the year are known for being tough, and another element highlighted was how the tennis pros view each other. After the news broke, countless tennis players jumped on bandwagon and took the opportunity to label Sharapova as a cheat, and furthermore, how she should not be allowed to continue playing tennis. One such comment made by Dominika Cibulkova, who went on to reach the 2016 Australian Open finals following a bout of injuries read:

“I will only say that I don’t feel sorry at all for Sharapova and I don’t miss her on the tour,” said 2014 Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulkova. “She’s a totally unlikeable person. Arrogant, conceited and cold.”

Most people in the spotlight would be expected to fade into the background and become reclusive. Although remaining true to living life and showing that just how tough times get, we should all press on, Sharapova has been hitting the social channels. Below is a taster of some of Maria’s social postings:

Certain sports stars have proven that they don’t need to solely rely on sport to remain in the spotlight, and Sharapova looks to fall into this category.

We say, fair play and well done for showing the world that no matter how tough life gets, you need to push back and live life to the fullest.

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