Champions League Round of 16 – Bayern v Arsenal Review

16th February 2017

A lot of the talk currently in English football surrounds the future of Arsenal’s long serving manager and coach, Arsene Wenger.

Should he stay or should he go?

Arguments for both sides have been ongoing for some time now with both Arsenal fans and non Arsenal fans alike. There is no doubt that the Frenchman has been pivotal in the clubs financial success when other clubs are struggling. Although the distinct lack of significant silverware, inability to take advantage of title challenging advantages and topped off with a 5-1 loss to their German rivals last night… his future is looking rather uncertain at the current time.

Former Gunners defender Lee Dixon has also had his say on the matter, quoting for BBC Sport he said, “This team is getting no response from him. I’ve never seen him like that.”

It’s hard to swerve the embarrassment caused in last night’s thumping at the hands of Bayern, which incidentally was a repeat of what happened in the same fixture at the Alliance Arena last season. The loss came in a game where in the first half, Arsenal were actually almost out playing Bayern at times. The loss of Laurent Koscielny was evident however in the second half, and the gaps in defence were not filled allowing the likes of Thiago and Robben to capitalise on the Gunners’ mistakes.

Arsenal now head back to the Emirates for the second leg with a four goal deficit to overcome. A task even the most ardent of Gooner would not argue that is a tough uphill challenge. Although if Arsenal want to prove their critics wrong, then putting in a strong performance in the second leg is a must. Exiting the Champions League and making reference to focussing on the English Premier League for example will not cut it whilst their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur remain in the Champions League.

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