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There are three main slots providers in the online casino world – Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Underneath these giants you’ll find a number of other smaller, yet still successful companies though, and one of these is Bally Tech – a company responsible for some incredibly well-loved online slots. This page is going to let you know everything you need to know about Bally Tech, including which games from Bally are best! So, keep on reading to find out more…

Michael Jackson King of Pop
Pawn Stars
A Brief History of Bally Tech

Bally has roots way back into the 1930s, however the company as we know it wasn’t formed until 1968, although it had a completely different name – Advanced Patent Technology. The initial company held patents in a variety of different areas, from medicine through to electronics, and didn’t get into the gambling industry until the late 1970s, when it bought United Coin Machine Company – one of the largest slot manufacturers in the country. In 1983 the name of the company was changed to Gaming and Technologies Inc, as the owners felt it was a more accurate representation of what the company did.
By the time the late 80s came around, the company had changed its name again, this time to United Gaming Inc, and they were thinking about moving up and opening entire casinos. This idea never got off the ground though, however the company did continue to be a major player in the slot machine world. In 1994, the name changed once again, to Alliance Gaming Corporation.

In 1995, the company made a significant purchase – Bally Technologies. The company would then split into three distinct divisions, and the part of the company concerned with slot machines would be called Bally Gaming. In 2014, Bally was acquired by Scientific Games and it started to take a bigger interest in the world of online gambling. Nowadays there are many fantastic Bally Tech slot machines found online, and you can learn about some of them in the next section of the Bally Tech review.

Popular Bally Tech Online Slots

Bally Tech has made several fantastic online slot machines in the past, and you’ll find details of the five best slots below…

Quick Hit Series

Quick Hit was originally released as a land-based slot, and it grew to become one of the most recognisable machines in the casino world – in fact, it can still be found in many casinos throughout the world. This popularity means it’s no surprise to find that the game has been the basis for not one, but six different online slots, all of which follow the basic gameplay found at the original title. They’re easy to play and don’t have the snazzy graphics and innovative features of other slots, but the prizes you can win can be absolutely massive.

Super Rise of Ra

Like Quick Hit, this is another slot that has transferred its popularity from land-based casinos through to the online gambling world. It’s a game with an Egyptian theme, and it offers a few different bonus features, however not so many as to completely take over the entire game. The free spins are the highlight, and you’ll get to choose your combination of free spins and multipliers – will you choose 30 free spins with no multiplier, six spins with a 5x multiplier, or something in the middle?

Pawn Stars

Bally Tech have teamed up with a few big TV shows, such as Friends and Duck Dynasty, however the slot based on Pawn Stars is the best. All your favourite characters can be found at this game, including Rick and Chumlee, and you can also find some massive prizes waiting to be won. They sometimes unearth really expensive items in the TV show, and you might be able to afford one of them if you can win the jackpot at this game, which is worth an impressive amount. So, why not spin the reels of this great Bally Tech slot today?

Michael Jackson King of Pop

He’s a musical legend, so scooping the chance to produce a Michael Jackson online slot was a massive deal for the people over at Bally Tech. The game has everything you could possibly hope for, for some of Jackson’s massive tunes, all the way through to great graphics and some seriously big prizes. What’s more, this great game can be played by pretty much everyone, as the minimum bet is tiny, while the maximum bet is massive! The bonus features are the highlight of this game though, simply because there are so many of them!

Lady Robin Hood

This is a slot you might not have heard of before, however it is also one that you should definitely play as soon as you get the chance. As the title suggests, this slot is based on a female version of Sherwood Forest’s most famous resident, and you’ll follow her fortunes as she robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Along the way, you’ll encounter some great bonus features – including wild symbols and free spins, plus you’ll also hopefully manage to find some massive prizes. The graphics are great and the gameplay is great, so what more could you want from an online slot?

Start Playing Great Bally Tech Games Today

So, now you know everything you need to know about this fantastic online slot provider, meaning you should now understand exactly why this company has become so popular with online gamblers throughout the world. There really are loads of great Bally Tech slot machines out there – including the five listed earlier on this page – so why not start playing them today and find out which of them is your favourite? You never know, you could win some absolutely massive prizes when you do!

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