Space Wars


The goal of the Space Wars video slot machine game is for several species of space aliens to defeat their enemies in an intergalactic war. The game is meant to bear somewhat of a resemblance to the Pixar movie Monsters Inc. Its bright, colourful 3D graphics make the game visually appealing and as fun to watch as it is to play. Before the game begins players will see an introductory video featuring the aliens.

The game takes place in the cosmos and involves five aliens. To the right of the reels players will see a teleport that they have no use for until they trigger the bonus game. Players will notice that while the game is in progress each character has their own sounds and animation associated with them.

Space Wars Symbols and Features
The three noticeable features in this game are stacked symbols,cloning pod re-spins and symbol substituting wilds. The game’s symbols are stacked on the reels during certain parts of game play. This occurs during the base game as well as when free spins are being played. The higher the stacked symbols are the more money players win.

Any time players get a winning combination of symbols on the reels the symbols are moved to the cloning pod. In the pod symbols become cloned, trigger free spins.

The symbol substituting wilds can give players extra wilds that lead to even more winnings. This is a feature that is often triggered during game play. When these wild symbols end up stacked on the reels, winnings are even higher.

Two features of the game that many players take advantage of are the autoplay and skill stop features. While most newer online video slot machines have this feature, most of them don’t allow players to watch as many as 1,000 automatic spins, with Space Wars being one of the few. All players have to do before launching the automatic spins is to choose how much money they want to bet on each one.

Another feature that many video slot machines, including Space Wars, have is the skill stop feature. This gives players the opportunity to choose exactly when to stop the reels from spinning. It is meant to appeal to those who want to play the game at a fast pace and those who want some element of skill in their game.

Though Space Wars lacks a bonus round it makes up for it with the cloning pod and substituting wild features. The game is uncomplicated but provides a fun experience for players who just want to unwind. The cuteness of the aliens often keeps players interested in the game. Throughout the game players will see footage of the aliens doing strange things all in the name of entertainment. This is a fun, lighthearted game that players of any age can enjoy.

Space Wars thinks outside the box by providing players with game characters that are silly and entertaining. The game is unique and has its own style of animation.

There are no traditional reels seen in this game, as the aliens appear to be floating in space. This was a deliberate decision on the part of the game’s creators, who wanted it to stand out from the software manufacturers other titles. The green and purple aliens are meant to be visually appealing and lure players into the game.

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