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Coin Size0.25 - 125.00
Scatter SymbolSouth Park character
Wild SymbolWild logo
RTPBGO: 96.10%
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South Park Slot Review

Software giant Net Ent has another hit on their hands with the popular South Park slot machine, based on the wildly popular animated TV show of the same name. A staple on Comedy Central for close to two decades, South Park tells the stories of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, who live in a “quiet little mountain town” in Denver known as South Park.

The best part about the South Park slot machine in the minds of many players, are its multiple bonus games and features. Each of the four characters has his own bonus game that can be triggered at any time during normal gameplay.

One of the bonus features in the game is called the Cartman Mini feature. In this part of the game, Cartman is in permanent beefcake mode. Players will see a block made up of three rows of three Cartman symbols each. These rows cause players to win money on multiple pay lines. If they are going to appear during gameplay they will appear only on every reel but the first one.

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South Park Bonus Features

Mr. Hankey (from a classic Christmas themed episode of the show) also has his own mini feature. When this feature is triggered players will see Mr. Hankey jump onto the reels at any point and will jump from symbol to symbol. Upon the spinning of the reels when Mr. Hankey is on them, any symbol he landed on becomes a wild symbol.

Terrance and Phillip have their own mini feature in the game as well. As an entertainment duo known for using colorful language, Terrance and Phillip pop out of the reels at random times. They bring with them a total of three wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to increase a player’s winnings.

The full blown bonus games include the Kyle Bonus Spin, called Kick the Baby. In this game, players can win 10 free spins and keep winning more free spins if their luck remains. The Kenny Bonus is one in which players are tasked with helping Kenny make his way through South Park’s many streets, taking them from one side of the game screen to the other. Whenever Kenny encounters danger and players save him from that danger they win coins as well as multipliers that further increase their winnings.

Cartman’s full blown bonus game is called Hunt the Hippies. Players have to look through bushes in order to help Cartman find the hippies hiding in them. Each hidden hippy boasts a multiplier of a certain value, a chance to start the bonus game over, a certain number of coins players win or the opportunity for players to be able to make another selection.

Stan’s Free Spins Bonus is a special round of the game in which reel three gains a sticky wild, which will grow to cover other reels. Players then take two free spins to see how much they can win.

South Park fans will find that this slot machine is very satisfying.

South Park Slot Screenshots

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