South Park Reel Chaos


As the sequel to the original South Park video slot machine, Reel Chaos features the four main characters’ alter egos. It builds on the original game and has already eclipsed in popularity.

Game Characters
Those who played the original game or are familiar with the show know that the four main characters are Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan. Fellow classmate Butters also plays a huge roll in Reel Chaos. The main idea of the game is that the four boys are fighting Professor Chaos, also known as Butters’ alter ego.
Bonus Games
Each of the four main characters has their own exciting bonus game. Cartman’s bonus feature is based on stacked wilds. Randomly triggered during play, this bonus follows Cartman in his quest to defeat General Disarray. Players will see the General sitting on top of the reels. Cartman’s goal is to apprehend him. To get to the General, Cartman must successfully climb the reels and reach the General.

Stan’s bonus game feature is based on re-spins. During this bonus game, Stan mentally uses power tools to fix broken reels on the screen. Many players feel that this is the best bonus game in Reel Chaos because it may be activated after any spin that does not result in a winning combination of symbols. When this bonus feature is triggered the five reels are spun for free. The bonus does not end until a player wins money, making it the overwhelming favourite of all the game’s features. Any amount players win is automatically multiplied, so players win 10 times the amount of their original bet. The best part of this bonus game is that for every spin of the reels that does not result in a win, players get another multiplier.

The multipliers in the game are what Kenny’s bonus feature is based on. Like its other bonuses, this one is triggered randomly during the game. In this bonus Professor Chaos and Kenny engage in battle. Players are then randomly awarded a multiplier that gets them anywhere from two times to fives the amount they bet.

Kyle’s bonus feature game is based on overlay wilds. In this bonus, Professor Chaos lets his minions loose and Kyle targets them with his laser beam. While this bonus game is taking place wilds are added to the reels, leading to winnings for players.

Bonus Spins
The game’s bonus spins are triggered by the appearance of the Mintberry Crunch Bonus Cards. The appearance of three of the symbols on the first, third and fifth reels simultaneously; trigger this bonus. While the reels are spinning Mintberry Crunch takes on the other characters in the game in a street fight. The characters facing him in the street fight are General Disarray, Professor Chaos, Anime Professor Chaos and the evil minions. For every evil character defeated by Mintberry Crunch players get a rising multiplier. Lucky players that get a four times multiplier with each character win as much as 260 times the amount of their original bet.
Video Clips and Features
One of the most impressive aspects of South Park Reel Chaos is that it uses both clips from the TV show and original clips created for the game. Butters, as Professor Chaos, does appear in an introductory video before the game is launched. When the game launches players will notice that the backdrop behind the reels shows, South Park, the fictional town the boys live in. Winning combinations of symbols are accompanied by upbeat music. Players hear the characters speak when the wild symbols placed on the reels. Cartman and the boys congratulate players on a winning spin, making them feel like they are being cheered on.
Reel Chaos Facts and Figures
Reel Chaos is a five reel, 20 pay lines game with a wide range of betting options from 20¢ to $100. Though there is no progressive jackpot tied to the game the luckiest players can win as much as $50,000. The game can be played at many of the most popular online casinos, for free or with real money. With a return to player rate of 96.8% South Park Reel Chaos is a smart gamble for many slot machine fanatics.
Reel Chaos Mobile Version
For those who just can’t get enough of the game, it is also available for play on most mobile devices. Android and Apple users will find that they can enjoy the same game quality they would on their computer. The mobile friendly version of the game offers up all the excitement of its online casino version, with equally impressive graphics and sound effects.
South Park Reel Chaos Slot Info
Coin Size0.20 – 100.00
Scatter SymbolCartman
Wild SymbolWild labelled symbol
Bonus RoundEpic Free Spins
South Park Reel Chaos Slot Screenshots

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Bonus Features
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