Shangri La Slot Game

In the world of fiction, Shangri La is portrayed as a place of both harmony and mystery. Nextgen brought the place to life in a form of an online slot machine game simply called Shangri La.

The colourful graphics players see help contribute to the harmony and mystery of the land it is set in. Its bright colours are stimulating and enhance the experience for players. The background of the game depicts the accepted interpretation of what Shangri La looks like. A bright blue sky and waterfall can be seen in the background of the game, making it as relaxing as it is exciting.

Filling the reels are symbols such as swords, temples and lotus flowers. Other symbols include some of the wild animals that inhabit Shangri La, such as tigers, elephants and rhinoceros. A golden statue serves as the scatter symbol in the game while a young woman is the wild symbol.

Bonus Features

There are several bonus features in the game, some of which are triggered randomly and others of which are not. Random features include extra wilds added to the reels. This often results in an entire reel of symbols becoming wild, which can lead to a huge win for lucky players. Extra scatter symbols may also appear on the reels at any time.

When players get at least three of the scatter symbols on the reels at once they win one of four possible bonus features; a chest and a trail bonus, and free or super free spins.

In the chest bonus players are taken to a screen filled with treasure chests. As they choose each chest one by one, they win the prize each one contains. The bonus ends when players choose a chest that has nothing in it.

In the trail bonus players are presented with a map that contains hidden prizes. Based on the spin of a wheel, players move a specific number of steps through the trail until they find the X at the end of it.

The free spins feature gives players eight spins of the reels, bet free. There is always a possibility that free spins can be retriggered during this bonus feature. It is also likely that special wild features may be triggered as well.

The super free spins feature gives players 12 free spins. While during the regular free spins the special wilds feature is a possibility it is a certainty with super free spins. Just like regular free spins, it is possible to retrigger the super free spins while this bonus round is taking place.


With so many bonus features that other slot machine games simply don’t have, Shangri La can be a very profitable game for lucky players. Its interactive bonuses make it much more interesting than games with less involved bonus rounds.

Players will find that this fun and relaxing game offers them plenty of opportunities to win money. The graphics and background are visually appealing to players of all ages and the game is fast paced enough to prevent boredom in most players. This unique game has carved out a place for itself in the world of online casinos, where players are always looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained. Shangri La does an excellent job of offering an exciting opportunity to spin the reels and win big.

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