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Coin Size25.00 - 125.00
Scatter SymbolStarfish symbol
Wild SymbolAriana symbol
RTP188BET: 95.20%
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Hot Ink Slot Review

Hot Ink is the video slot game version of what it would be like to be a tattoo artist. This time, however, the tattoo artists are a group of a couple very attractive females, and you are one of them. The goal of the game is to create as many perfect tattoos and have as many satisfied customers as possible. That being said it is important to note that the real goal of the game is to actually gather as many coins as you can, each coin representing some amount of real life money.

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The game is very well crafted, you get the feeling that the people who were behind its production knew what they wanted out of the game. The graphics, the sound design and all of the colors schemes that were used to create it are all very carefully picked and you can tell. Every character has a unique animation which is extremely smooth and well made, overall the game, from an aesthetic stand point, is almost perfect.

Game wise it is well balanced, the game strives to be as fair as possible and yet very generous. It is generous to people with less luck and it is generous to those whom luck favors more. For instance, whenever you get more than three scatter symbols you will receive free spins that will be awarded according to how many scatters you managed to get anywhere on the screen. If you get three you will be awarded the least amount of free spins but you will get a multiplier of times five to compensate for your worries. If you get five scatters you will get fifteen free spins but you will be awarded only a times two multiplier, as said, the game is very generous in some instances.

Hot Ink Slot Screenshots

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