Helena is an online slot machine game based on Helen of Troy, daughter of Zeus. Everything about the theme of the game is related to her, from the background scene to the symbols used on the reels. With an overwhelmingly Roman theme, the game is popular all over the world.

Game Theme

Greek mythology plays an important role in this game. It takes characters and uses them in ways that keep players entertained. The sounds, music and graphics used all reflect the theme of Greek mythology. This is a theme that many people find fascinating and there have been countless slot machine games based on it.

The universal appeal of the Greek mythology/Roman theme is one that players flock to. It can be a fun and educational experience for anyone who wants to learn more about the Romans and Greeks. The game stays true to its theme and makes the topic interesting even to those who know little to nothing about it. Many online casinos have added this game to their collection because they understand how appealing Greek mythology can be to players.

Game Symbols

The wild symbol in the game is represented by Helena while other symbols used include artifacts and vases. The belief is that during their lifetime, Helen of Troy and Cleopatra were rivals. As the most powerful and valuable symbol on the reels, Helena has the ability to double the value of any winning combination of symbols. Joining the ranks of the high paying symbols are the handsome prince and the Trojan warrior. Players will also notice that the all-important scatter symbol is represented by a Temple. When players get at least three of the Temples on the reels at once, the free spins bonus round begins.

Bonus Rounds

When the free spins bonus is triggered, players get 15 of them. No matter what amount a player wins from these free spins, it is tripled. The luckiest players will get Helena on the reels five times within one spin. This rewards players with a win of 3000 times the amount they bet. If the doubling wild appears a player wins six times the amount of money they would have won otherwise. Players appreciate thatat any point during the free spins round they may win additional spins for free.

Mobile Version

Players can also access the Helena slot machine on their Android or Apple based mobile device. The game was designed to be played flawlessly on a device, and players will notice no difference in the quality compared to the desktop version of the game.

Helena was a much anticipated online slot machine game that has taken the world by storm. Created by Novomatic, it has impressed even the most hardcore slot machine players. Everything about the game is meant to show players how fun and profitable slot machines can be. It isn’t fancy, flashy or complicated. However, it has proven to be a success among players who just want to lose themselves in a fun and easy game for a little while.

Players who are looking for fast-paced games with lots of bonuses and features may not enjoy Helena as much as others do. However, the simplicity of the game is what makes it so appealing to so many. It is the perfect choice for someone who is just becoming acquainted with the world of slot machines. With no complicated rules the game can quickly be learned and enjoyed by players of any age.

Since there are only a few important symbols on the reels, those symbols become even more significant than they would be in a more complicated game. Players can easily remember the purpose and value of each of the game’s three most important symbols.

There are many reasons why Helena has become such a popular game with players. The generous multipliers used are one of the biggest appeals to many players because they make spending real money on the game worth it. For even the most hesitant players this can be a compelling reason to try the game at least once.

In the short time that it has been available online, Helena has become popular with many. Online casinos see the value of adding it to their collections and plenty of players enjoy the game so much that they have downloaded it to their mobile devices. This is a game players keep coming back to because they want to chase their opportunities to win large amounts of money.

Only time will tell how much success Helena has as an online slot machine game in the future. It is likely that more players will embrace the game as they discover how entertaining and enjoyable it is.

Those who have an interest in Greek mythology may find themselves playing the game simply to learn more about it. For a short period of time they can let their mind wander and pretend that they really are living in Ancient Greece.

Even those who don’t have a significant interest in Greek mythology the game is still entertaining and memorable. It provides players with hours of entertainment that will help them relax and give them a chance to win money at the same time.

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