Bollywood Story


Bollywood is India’s version of Hollywood and the online slot machine Bollywood Story is based on the country’s entertainment industry. Many movies filmed in India are love stories, one of which is told through this game. The story follows a young couple who are in love despite the fact that her stepmother is determined to marry her off to a rich man in order for the stepmother to maintain her extravagant lifestyle.

The graphics used in this game include the stepmother’s upscale home. The home is depicted in the game as having stained glass windows, marble floors, expensive rugs and decorative pillars.

The characters in the game are symbolized using a cartoonish design that makes the game more fun and lighthearted. Each of the four main characters has his or her caricature. Anytime a player wins a significant amount of money in the game the screen becomes filled with Bollywood dancers and features upbeat music.

The symbols in the game are the characters in the love story. This includes the couple themselves, the evil stepmother and an older couple that is believed to be the parents of the woman fighting to be with the man she loves. The title symbol serves as the game’s highest paying symbol, followed by the woman and her lover. The father and mother are the two lowest paying symbols in the game.

A beautiful sapphire serves as the game’s scatter symbol. There are also floating wilds that add an interesting element to the game and are not seen in most other slots.

Bonus Features

The floating wilds are the main bonus feature in Bollywood Story. Nestled between the numerical two and four symbols is a flower garland that represents the floating wilds. The garland surrounding the numbers is what signifies a bonus. Symbols found underneath the flower garland will also become floating wilds, increasing the amount of money a player can win. During most spins of the reels no more than two floating wilds appear. However, three or four wilds are possible and are worth an increased amount of prize money.

When players get at least three of the sapphire scatter symbol on the reels within a single spin they get 10 free spins. If they get four sapphire scatters they get 20 free spins and if they get five sapphire scatters they get 30 free spins. Every time free spins are played there will be anywhere from three to six floating wilds added to the reels.


With a unique theme, Bollywood Story is a slot machine game unlike any other. It represents the typical Bollywood movie plots and shows players all over the world the culture and customs of India.

This game has nostalgic value for anyone who enjoys old movies and appreciates the way in which they are presented. Everything about the approach to creating Bollywood Story was unique and this is obvious when one plays the game.

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