Licensing in Germany in jeopardy

14th May 2015

It has been brought to light that Germany may be forced to perform a re-run of their sports betting licensing process due to a court ruling uncovering the violation of several existing EU legislature.

Gambling licensing in Germany is still relatively new, since Germany only really began to allow 20 licensees following the passage of the federal Interstate Gambling Treaty in 2012.

These selected licensees officially unveiled by the Hesse Ministry back in September 2014, but were then immediately appealed by some of the 21 unsuccessful applicants.

The Administrative Court of Wiesbaden released its ruling on Monday, on a challenge brought by, according to reports an Austrian sports betting operator. They had found that the licensing process violated numerous laws, and also raised transparency concerns. This in turn violated EU edicts against restrictions on the freedom to provide services.

The Court’s ruling is still to be ratified by the Higher Administrative Court although earlier reports from Germany are already predicting that the federal government will be required to restart the licensing process from the very start.

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