High-Tech Slot Machines ‘Remember’ How You Play

Skynet is taking over and the machines are on the rise. It turns out that advanced, land-based slot machines can actually ‘learn’ about your gambling habits using built-in data capture software.

Casinos can use the hundreds of gigabytes of data grabbed by these smart machines every day to (potentially) optimise the experience of gamblers and maximise their profits. For instance, Rob James (CTO of the Start Casino in Sydney) stated that this information could one day be used to help players locate their favourite games:

“Down the track we want to enhance the value we get out of that data. It could be things like helping customers find their favourite slot machine. We’ve got 1500 slot machines across our floor and you’re looking for one particular type of game. We have that information, how can we share that with the patron?”

In terms of the casinos themselves turning a faster buck from this technology, in 2012 Sask Gaming and SAS Analytics joined forces to determine just how valuable this data can be. Sask Gaming’s Analyist Specialist, David Koch, stated that the data allowed him to identify which machines were most popular with players across demographics and at different times of the day:

“…we’re simply identifying those games which customers find appealing even if we don’t know why. This solution has helped us to immediately improve our understanding of customer preferences.

As our databases become richer with new game and machine attributes, we’ll also have stronger predictors of long-term gaming trends performance, allowing us to make better decisions in the future.”

We’ve come a long way from with some barrels with painted-on fruit and a lever.

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