Armed Thieves Go Rambo on a Coral Bookmaker

20th February 2014

Staff at a bookie in Rugby had a stressful evening yesterday, as a helmeted burglar aimed a rifle at their front door.

Two thugs, concealing their faces with a mask and motorcycle helmet, assaulted the Warwickshire bookmaker and demanded entrance. The pair bolted after staff refused to admit them, but police are investigating the attempted robbery in connection with two other incidents in the area.

Officers believe the two raiders were also responsible for hitting Coral bookmakers in Burbage and Bilton last week. Detective Inspector Roy Wheelwright, from Warwickshire Police, commented: “We are working with police colleagues in Leicestershire because we believe the same people are involved in all three incidents.”

At this time, it’s unclear whether the two bandits have a vendetta against the Coral brand, or whether they’re just a couple of greedy, thieving a***holes.

Bookie Bandits? Or Daft Punk on the Rob?

Fortunately, authorities reckon that the thugs’ attire should make them fairly easy to nab and are urging cooperation from the public in their investigation proceedings.

Wheelwright said in a public statement: “The camouflage jacket and motorcycle helmet seen in the CCTV images are particularly distinct, especially when worn together and we would like to hear from anyone who knows of anyone with clothing matching these two items.”

In response to these shocking events, bookies across Leicestershire are enacting ‘enhance security measures’ to protect their coffers.

Bullet proof glass on the doors and windows would be a good start, I reckon. After that, try till-mounted flame-throwers.

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