7 Awesome Games That Really Should Be in Casinos

28th January 2015

Other punters might get a kick out of roulette, poker, blackjack or baccarat, and these are all awesome too. Still, we can’t help but feel there are a few glaring omissions in the standard line-up of casino games.

Below, we’ve made seven suggestions for games that really should be offered by casinos. After all, variety is the spice of life.

1) Boggle

Nothing quite tops the visceral thrill offered by an intense boggle session. Don’t pay any attention to the 3+ years rating on the box – this game isn’t for kids. I’ve throttled my fair share of relatives over obvious misspellings, sly abbreviations and (shudder) slang.

Now just imagine if there was a fat jackpot staked on the outcome of a boggle match. Perhaps you could offer higher pay-outs for multi-syllabics, or introduce a multiplier for diagonals. The possibilities are endless.

2) Buckaroo!

This seems like a no-brainer. Each item loaded onto Buckaroo could represent a wager. The value of bets should increase as bedrolls, canteens and shovels start to pile up, leading to the inevitable moment where it all becomes too much…

Just picture the heart-in-mouth instant that a poorly-judged plastic frying pan tips buckaroo over the edge; sending plastic pieces crashing to the felt like so many hopes and dreams.

3) Snap

This family favourite has been sorely missing from card tables for too long. I am a little concerned about the moral impact of attaching money bets to a game that has already cost so many youngsters their fingers. Meh, it’ll probably be fine.

Straight up wagers are the way forward for this one I reckon. For serious contenders, I recommend thick gloves, nerves of steel and reflexes like Spider-Man after 50 espressos.

4) Strip Poker

A wholesome classic that, at present, is sadly confined to university halls and raunchy Christmas parties. For newcomers, it might be a good idea to show up packing several pairs of underpants, otherwise the sharks’ll have you down to your birthday suit before you can say “fold.”

I don’t know about you, but I think it might be nice if the croupier gets to join in. It seems only fair. Also, free buy-ins for the first person to make a joke about ‘flopping on the table.’ It never gets old.

5) Monopoly

Just change out the fake notes for real moolah and you’ve got yourself a new casino favourite! Be sure to decide beforehand whether you’re observing the ‘no buying on the first round’ rule and if landing on Go! nets £400.

Dibs on the iron.

6) Guess Who?

Quick tip for advantage players – if your opponent strokes his chin, their character has a beard. You need a straight face and an elephant’s memory to get the best out of this game, making it an ideal option for card counters.

Remember, yes or no questions only. Try playing fast and loose with this rule and you’ll find yourself escorted to a dark room by security for a little ‘talking to.’

7) Twister

A favourite of sozzled students across the nation, Twister could find itself a new lease on life as a real-money casino game. This could be achieved in one of two ways: A) team nomination (with one player twisting and the other betting) or B) a simple, winner-take-all, straight-up jackpot.

A higher pay-out should be awarded to players who position themselves as suggestively as possible. Chaste scooching around pays a miserly 2/1, whereas a full-blown reach-around should yield 8/1. Bury your face in a competitor’s cleavage or attempt a crotch-grab for a whopping 32/1. Good, clean fun.

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