T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports – LCK Summer 2020

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T1 stands a chance to get back to its winning ways this weekend, as they will face Hanwha Life Esports. The match will take place on 25th July and in the best-of-three format. In this article, we will work out the winner between the two sides.


T1 is currently in a hot spot. The 3x world champions are currently on their way to the playoffs. But their performances raise plenty of concerns about their title ambitions.

The side led by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has had their fair share of troubles against Gen.G and Team Dynamics. However, they managed to defeat their rivals KT Rolster and SeolHaeOne Prince

The record of two wins from the four games played doesn’t necessarily mean disaster. However, it simply raises some concerns about the former world champions. T1 is not performing well in the early game, particularly in claiming objectives. If the side doesn’t improve then we highly doubt they will prevail in the current meta.

The biggest problem for T1 at the moment is its drafting since it completely ignores the early game. We are all aware that TI’s entire strategy focuses on the late game. However, it is useless if the team fails to gain some advantage in the early stages.

Hanwha Life Esports

Talking about problems, Hanwha Life Esports is currently dead last in the LCK Summer 2020 standings with just 1 win in ten games. The team led by Park “Viper” Do-Hyeon is currently experiencing a miserable season. But on the bright side, at least it got its first win last weekend by beating SeolHaeOne Prince.

We have to admire Hanwha for its brilliant performance SeolHaeOne. In the entire series, the bottom lane duo of Son “Lehends” Si-woo and Viper proved that it can still carry its team to victory as it did quite often back in Griffin.

This doesn’t mean that the rest of the team didn’t perform well. The mid-laner Jeong “Mireu” Jo-bin finished with a 4.2 KDA while jungler Kang “Haru” Min-Seung managed a 4.9. The most impressive of the three is the top laner Lee “DuDu” Dong-Ju who managed sixteen eliminations, fourteen assist, and six deaths.

Prediction: TI 2-0 Hanwha Life Esports

It is a fact that the experience and individual quality of T1 simply outclass Hanwha Life Esports. But despite being optimistic, we still have some concerns about Faker and the crew.
The early game of T1 is not at the level for them to be labeled as the potential title contenders of the LCK Summer 2020. The same is the case with Hanwha as it is quite likely that the team will be relegated at the end of the season.

Another key statistic to keep in mind, that Hanwha has the potential to cause upsets. Since in the last season, Viper and crew beat T1. However, coming into this meeting we are confident that Faker’s team has all the potential to completely outplay the struggling T1.

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