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Bonus Features

Most slot games will include some kind of bonus which will allow you to win larger sums of money. This can come in many forms; however there are common features which will turn up in most slot game’s bonuses. ‘Click Me’ This kind of bonus is fairly simple. You’ll be asked to click on one […]

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Slot Symbols

Slot symbols vary greatly in design, reels might be covered in numbers, gems, cats, leprechauns… but once you’ve played a few you’ll start to recognise patterns between symbols in slot games. Poker symbols – 9 through to Ace. Most slot games will include symbols from popular card games. While some slot games make use of the […]

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How to play online casino slot games

So you’ve just gone ahead and loaded up a slot game that caught your eye. We know there are literally thousands to choose from, based on films, super heros and custom themes. So what next? What should you look for when you’re getting to grips with a new slot game? Follow the slot game tutorials […]

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What are slot game Paytables?

The paytable is one of the most important parts of an online slot game, but it is typically not visible during play, so check it beforehand. The paytable will usually show you all of the symbols on the game’s reels and state the number of matching symbols you need to win. For some games, you […]

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Understanding Paylines

In early, land-based slot machines, there would only be one payline – straight across the middle. This meant that if you had three of the same symbol in the middle position from left to right then you would have a winning combination and the machine would pay out. The value of the particular group of […]

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