Casino Blacklist

Since there are so many online casinos to play at – it’s only inevitable that at some point there will be some that we will have a bad experience with.

The purpose of this list is to make our visitors aware of what other visitors have complained about. We won’t EVER just list a casino here for one complaint, we will only list those that have had 10+ more complaints of a reasonable justification. We definitely won’t just list a casino because someone has lost money at it…

The current blacklisted casinos are listed below – and are based purely on our visitor complaints and visitor feedback. If you wish to visit these casinos still then you are of course free to do so at your own risk.

Stan James Casino

Interestingly, we’ve received numerous complaints about this brand from both customers and affiliated business partners. From a customer point of view it tends to be about the refusal of withdrawal payouts over £3,000 – and for affiliates the refusal of affiliate commission payments. Affiliate partners tend to receive a letter saying that management has refused to pay out any commissions and that the decision is final.

Note: We have listed this pre Unibet takeover – so things may have changed (hopefully!).

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