Who are Fiett?

We at Fiett are online casino enthusiasts who can always be found testing a slot game or latest take on a popular casino game. The purpose of this page is to allow you to find out a bit more about us.

Furthermore, the purpose of this site is to share with you some of our experiences and provide some good content that will aid you in your online casino experiences. So why Fiett?

All brands have their stories behind them, and ours is no different, albeit a little more blunt one might say. Essentially our brand came to fruition after we decided that we’d like to look at creating a site that puts online casino for want of a better term, in black and white. Mainly as there are so many misconceptions about online gaming and gambling and opinions that have just got out of control. We see it as a form of entertainment, and that that is the way it should be treated by both operators and players all the while in a safe environment.

Okay okay, so you’re probably more interested in what the word actually means right? You’ll like this…

After looking at the initial plan we created, along with the time and effort it would take to get this off the ground with all of our pre-existing commitments including our full time jobs, one of our team made the comment ‘F*$k it, everything takes time’. And there it was, the light bulb moment. Obviously not wanting to register a brand including profane language, we went for the acronym, Fiett.

What can I expect from Fiett Casino?

As well as some useful tutorials, we also provide slot game reviews. These reviews take the latest (or even a classic) slot game, and puts them under the spotlight in order to give a comprehensive review. You can check out the Cleopatra Slot Game for example to see how we review slots.

Along with slots, we also feel it is important to review the potential casinos you’ll end up playing at too. Since there are now an incredible amount of online casinos to choose from, we provide reviews on these too. You can check out the 188BET Casino review to get a feel for this style of review also.

All in all, we hope you find our website useful – and we’re always glad to hear your feedback too.

Slot Game Screenshots

Check out some of our latest slots.

  • Big Chef Slot Game from Microgaming
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