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Esports Preview consists of a team of esports enthusiasts. It really is as simple as that to start with.

So what are Esports?

For those who aren’t familiar with it, eSports are defined as video gaming with a competitive edge. They are played in tournaments, where winners receive cash prizes. Those who pursue eSports for a living are often on the same level as major league athletes. Teams of players are often given lucrative endorsement deals. More information on the history of esports can be found here.

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Because of the worldwide popularity of eSports, teams often receive broadcasting deals, making this career choice even more beneficial. By the end of 2021, experts predict the industry will be worth $2 billion. Working as an eSports personality can result in earning millions of dollars per year.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding eSports is whether or not its participants should be considered athletes. Some will argue that competitive players must be in peak physical condition in order to participate in eSports tournaments.

They need to have proper posture in order to be able to play video games for an extended period of time. Without proper posture and good health, eSports players may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other medical conditions. Like traditional athletes, many eSports players participate in regular exercise and adhere to a healthy diet. Also, like traditional athletes, they attend training camps and are tested for drug use. Without doing these things, they are not permitted to compete in tournaments.

Those that argue eSports participants are athletes base it on the Electronic Sports League,

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which governs eSports events and tournaments. The industry has become so popular that there is talking of including it in Olympic events. In addition, over 50 colleges around the world have formed a varsity team for eSports participants.

In general, eSports teams are open to the public as long as an individual meets the requirements. Anyone who wants to join one has to figure out which video game they are the best at. Once they have determined the answer to that question it takes extensive practice of their chosen game in order to make it onto a team.

There are certain pieces of equipment needed to be an eSports gamer. This could be as simple as a computer that has sufficient memory to support a player’s video game of choice. Smart gamers also know that they need a chair comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of a practice session.

Many aspiring gamers find a community in their hometown to join. Others join an online community and start building their gaming portfolio. This is often the best way to form of a team of gamers who can participate in eSports tournaments.

Unlike traditional sports, eSports is far more accessible to many people. Its growing popularity has made the industry a force to be reckoned with.