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Hello, I am a
seeking a

Find new friends with Fiett.com

We know, that’s what every so called friend finder site starts with right?

That’s because generally, that’s right. It’s a sales pitch, nothing more and nothing less.fiett friend finder

As popular as Online Dating is in today’s world, the model carries over perfectly when finding new friends and is often much less awkward. With Fiett, you can start finding new friends immediately, now!

Heard it all before?

Of course you have – and so have we! Every day new sites are cropping up claiming this, that and the other. We’re tired of people using ‘friend finder’ sites as a guise to essentially creating a creating a dating site. As far as we’re concerned it’s mates over dates every time.

The purpose of Fiett

The purpose of Fiett is to create a site where people are confident to browse any time, anywhere – and find it as a useful tool to finding new mates or extending their social reach.

  • Easy to use – we seem able to use it fine, so we reckon everyone else will be able to!
  • New Friendships – Focus on the importance of friendships, and not ‘love at first sight’
  • Total Transparency – If we’re going to charge for anything, we’ll explain the cost in granular detail

Look, we’re not against online dating in the slightest, and in many ways we may be considered to be just that. People can sign up to Fiett and use us as just that. It’s just that we’re not trying to be a dating site.

You won’t get hit with lot’s of membership options, and you certainly won’t receive spammy emails from us promoting other ‘products we recommend’.

Above all else, we hope you enjoy your stay with Fiett!

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